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Monday, July 4, 2011

unfortunate chickens

   Well fellow chicken lovers... I am extremely upset to share my bad news with those of you who are reading this. My two new babies, and the big duck died. Heeby and Jeeby both died by drowning in our new stock tank. Heeby died the day I left for Texas, which was the 17th of June, and Jeeby died on June 25th. I'm sorry I have not been posting, but this is the reason for my falling behind. Puddle died on June 24th, because he was attacked by some kind of animal. This devastaded my sister, because he was her special show duck. On top of all this stress, I found out that Psyche has mites, because Wyoming has had so much moisture this year. This year holds the record for most birds having mites... or so I am told. She also has some kind of infected, broken feather on her back that my mother and I had to lance and try to get rid of as soon as we could. We were told that if we did not do this, she might receive blood poisoning and could possibly die from it. We could not stand for anymore dead birds, so we canceled our trip to Minnesota, and instead we took the chicken out to the lake with us so that we could keep an eye on her for a few days. This way we still bring our boat out to the lake, and have some fun out on the water. Psyche seemed to be doing much better, so we dropped her off at our home, and my grandfather is now taking care of her while we left to go to Illinois and visit some family friends of ours. Hopefully she will feel better, and we can order some new chicks.
   Happy 4th of July everyone! Be sure to thank our troops this year. Hug your friends, say hello to your neighbors, love your family, and be thankful for everything you are given and able to do.