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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A new spring with new babies!

     I have been trying for the past 3 months to try to order chickens online, but a most of you know many of the hatcheries require something like a 25 chick minimum! I can not have 25 chicks running around my little back yard, so I had to find a hatchery without any minimums. The only 2 or 3 hatcheries that I found either did not have the breed I wanted or they would nit arrive soon enough! I was getting extremely frustrated. So finally I gave up. Luckily... our local feed and tack store to my convenience had another order of chicks come in on Monday, March 12th. We went and picked out three birds. 2 auricanas (same as Psyche) and 1 light brahma. The first auricana is named Delilah. (My mom named it!) The second auricana is named Aphrodite because in the Greek myth of Aphrodite and Psyche, Psyche thought she was more beautiful than Aphrodite (the Goddess of beauty) haha. So in memory of my first auricana Psyche, I hope that Aphrodite will be just as beautiful if not prettier. The final chick, the light brahma, is named Pippie. I thought this would be a perfect name for her because she is so lively and happy. Considering the babies are only a few days old, I will nit take pictures of them until next Friday. 
     On the other hand, Pelo and Houdini are doing well, but Pelo was a little but blodied up when our new puppy decided to chew on him a little bit. He is fine now though and you can not even tell that he was even hurt. They are most certainly boys though.
     Finally, the filler roosters that we had bought with our first batch of chicks were just butchered yesterday and today. We only got about 3 or 4 pounds off of each one, but that is because they are not supposed to be meat birds. 
     Hopefully, the new chicks will get along fine with the dog and the two ducks once they are older. As of now the dog is perfectly fine with the chicks and we have taught him not to bite or hurt the babies. This way when we get more babies he will refrain from hurting or eating them. 
    One last thing... As of Monday, we will be putting an offer on a house in Missouri because we are a little bit tired of Casper, Wyoming. The house we are looking at has 40 acres on a lake, so our chickens, horses, dog, and whatever other animals we want will have plenty of room to roam. I will still continue to post on here about the newest happenings with our chickens though so that all of my viewers can continue to keep up with everyone.
     Thank you for reading and have a happy St. Patrick's day!