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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Goat selfies, ugly molting, and other nonsensical things.

I love to read blogs from other farms and browse through their adorable photos of the farmers and their animals. They are always so well posed, well lit, and the clean fluffy animals happily stand still with perfect little photogenic faces looking with great expectation at the camera. How hard could that be?  Um...really hard. Impossible actually. They must have taken thousands of photos to get only one or two that were blog worthy. I have a much greater respect now for these people and their animals after attempting my own.

No, I won't stop running so you can take my picture!

Chickens : "No way lady, we are outta here! "
Donkey : "I am keeping one eye on you in case you make any sudden movements with that camera".

After being stepped on, knocked down, head-butted, and pooped on,
this look says "I swear if you do not stand still I will leave you tied to a tree".
Not a good hair day, but the goat is cute!

Lesson learned. Goat selfies are a health hazard. Don't even get me started on the pig selfie I attempted. 

So I guess I will stick to chicken photos. Like this poor darling who has just decided to molt, a full month after her friends.  We have below freezing weather in the forecast for tomorrow and I am just relieved she has chosen to sleep in the barn this week. We have all heard the phrase "ugly crying" referring to us females who tend to bawl with mascara running and snot dripping. Well, this is officially ugly molting. Some chickens lose a few feathers on their sides, or their backs. They may grow new tails or wing feathers after a week of shedding, but this poor hen has lost half of her feathers including all the ones on her neck and back, most of her fluffy side feathers and half of her wings. 


Well at least the rest of the farm is unconcerned with me and my camera. So here are a few moments for your enjoyment. Including one actual selfie with a precious chick named "Pink". (If you know her and her music, then you will get it.) Thanks, Alexa for the name

Afternoon nap
Paco enjoying his dirt bath
Waiting for Cheerios

(New babies)
(Do you see the cat in the straw?)
We love our chickens!

Happy farming my friends.