Keeping an eye on things!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Forgetfulness and Farm Chores

   It's official, I've gone senile.  February went by in a whirlwind and obviously took with it my ability to blog.  The 2nd month of the year was a blur of ice storms, balmy 70 degree days, rain, no rain, sun, no sun, and wind.  When the sun comes out I feel that energy spike and want to do every chore that needs done for the week in one day.  Then the forecast changes and I get in "prepare" mode where fruit trees are covered, straw is spread for bedding and feed for the poultry is doubled.  Sun comes out again and it's either a day on the tractor or a day with the chain saw.  Thank goodness I have had some down time lately and can share some wonderful moments with you.  Like these pictures of our precious Charlie. Love this face!

I learned the art of cheese making last month and have tried my hand at several different types. So far, Neufchatel and Mozzarella are the easiest and frankly, the most tasty. The hard cheeses take a lot of time and work so when ambition strikes and I have extra time for a week I will try that too.

With the abundance of goat's milk and eggs lately cheese just seemed like a great idea!

   Then of course, there are babies. Yay! Heeby Jeeby Hatchery is officially in full swing again and we have some awesome little breeds ready for new homes soon.

We are hatching approximately a dozen chicks and 8-10 ducks each week.  This is the first year we had the opportunity to separate our breeds to have true breed hatches. Here are some of our proud parents and their lovely feathered friends.




So with all the eggs and milk, there is only one thing left to do.  Plant the garden seeds, make a couple of adorable signs and set up the farm stand!

March brings Spring flowers, new babies, and the chores now start in earnest so we are off once again to keep on top of things! Good thing I have Flare to keep an eye on us. 

Happy farming friends!