Keeping an eye on things!

Friday, March 8, 2013

New home, New state, New chickens!

Since we last talked, my family packed up everything we owned including 3 horses, 2 chickens, 2 cats and a dog and headed for Missouri to start a new adventure on a 40 acre lake-side ranch. The weather here is incredibly different then wind! Our planting season is 3 months longer, trees are plentiful, and the wildlife is amazing. Except the ticks. I hate the ticks! Which brings me to our topic...chickens! All of the locals claim that chickens (and guineas and turkeys) are natures best tick hunters.  So we have expanded our chicken numbers from 11 to 33, and are planning on purchasing some guineas, too.  The two chickens that we hauled all the way from Wyoming acclimated very quickly to their new home but unfortunately one was killed by either a raccoon or a fox late one night last summer. So our one original girl is still with us and is still laying beautiful brown eggs right on schedule. We now have 2 roosters with our flock so with luck maybe some of the hens will sit on their eggs and nature can take its course!
I will post pics of our newest babies soon. Stay tuned!