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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New chickens, and chicken check-up

     Hello fellow chicken lovers. I have not been posting lately, because there has not been very much to post about. But, now I have some very exciting news. Pelo, our crested duck has grown to his full size, and is officially a boy. (His tail curled up.) We also acquired two new mallard ducklings for free from a friend of ours. We have a hunch that one is a boy, and one is a girl. Oh no! We really are not in the mood for more male ducks. Anyway, the duck that we think is a boy is named Perry. (After "Perry the Platypus") The one that we think is a girl, is named Houdini, the escape artist.
     Okay, so leaving the duck subject... we have also ordered a few more chicks (like six or seven) and they should be arriving sometime really late tonight. I am so excited! Most of the ones that I ordered are bantams, meaning we are going to be eating some tiny eggs! But we also got a few standard breeds. (Including 2 polishes... YAY!) I will select two or three of my favorite chickens, and I will continue to take weekly pictures of them so that you can keep up with their growth. Oh ya... I almost forgot! The site I ordered these chickens from was called This is an AMAZING site to order your chickens from, if you are only trying to buy a few chickens. The only draw-back is, that if you buy less than 25 chicks, they will place male chicks in the box with your order (free of charge) so the chicks will stay warm. With our male chicks, we are just going to put them out where we keep our horses, because of course you are not aloud to have roosters within the city limit. So to close up this post I will ask all  of my readers to tell your friends, family, neighbors, and in-laws about this amazing blog, because I would love for people to know all about my chickens! Thank you everyone, I will have pictures of the new babies, and new posts coming soon!