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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April showers...

Those April showers better get a move on if we are to get May flowers! It seems when you don't want the rain, there it is.  When you do, it is no where in sight. Spring is a fickle time.

Knowing that, we try to do everything possible in a few weeks time to beat the impending Spring rains and completely wear ourselves out before Summer even begins to show itself. Stalls to deep clean, rocks to remove, garden soil to till under, and trees to fertilize are just a sprinkling of the chores we tackle here each day. Then comes babies. Tiny fluffy butts abound!

Fuzzy, squeaky, precious little babies that fill our home with the sound of chirping and peeping from dusk 'til dawn. The living room becomes the brooder until a sufficient set up is permanently established in the new garage currently under construction. Heeby Jeeby Dad has generously agreed to set aside 4' x 14' just for babies. Hooray!!
Baby Naked Neck is very impressed.

So is Cisco.

Perhaps he is more interested in the newest additions to the Heeby Jeeby family...Sheep!
These beauties are Shetlands, prized for their exceptional wool quality and small easy going statures. I am pleased to introduce Buttercup (L) and Miss Daisy (R).

And who could forget their handsome fella? This is Coffee. a.k.a. Coffee Cup, Coffee Bean, Coffee Boy, Coffee Coffee Coffee...the list goes on.  As long as he gets ample love and scratches he doesn't care what you call him.

As you can see, keeping their wool clean is going to be a full time job! Actually, right after these pictures were taken 2 of the 3 were sheared.  Now THAT is a story for another time!  Their wool is incredibly long and thick and it was imperative that the girls get theirs off before lambing which could be any time now. More babies coming soon! Yippee!

Which way did they go? 

Mystery appreciates everyone stopping by this month and enjoying our fresh milk and eggs at the farm stand. The cheese is a big hit and we are having fun discovering new flavors and techniques. Next week we will have garden seedlings to offer as well as wool roving! Who knew farming could be so much fun?!

 Until next time, Happy farming friends!

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